Let's Cook

Here at TVB we always choose BigK Lumpwood because it’s the most natural product creating the perfect smoke for us.

Direct & Indirect Cooking

We believe for best results on the barbecue, cook with the lid on. This allows you to control the temperature and ensure smoke circulates inside the grill and infuses to enhance that barbecue flavor. At the same time being more fuel and time-efficient.

Direct Cooking

Direct cooking is a method used when placing your meat directly over the heat. Whether using gas or charcoal, this method is ideal for cooking quick meats or that need a nice sear/crust such as steaks, burgers or chicken breasts.

Indirect Cooking

Indirect cooking is a method is where food is not placed directly over the heat. The food will cook from the heat circulating inside the barbecue with the lid on. This would create an oven affect, keeping flavour of the barbeque inside and is ideal for slow cooking, roasting and smoking meats.

Low & Slow

Cooking low and slow is quite a simple method and is exactly as it sounds, understanding how to manage the heat in your barbecue is the most important factor, over the longer time frames than your possibly used to.

Low & Slow simply refers to a Low cooking temperature and a slower longer time frame.

Larger joints of meat cooked with this technique will literally fall apart and be so tender and flavoursome, our favourite way of cooking and actually our preferred cuts of meats here at TVB. This technique is most suited to cuts like Pulled Pork, Brisket or ribs.

We are very much into our pellet smokers here at TVB and these are very well suited to this cooking technique but this technique is very doable on both charcoal barbecue’s ceramic and even gas barbecue’s, check out our other pages for tips on these types of cooks on your barbecue of choice.