Fruit Pig Haggis – 450g



Saturdays 21 or 28 January are probably the main dates of celebration.
If you know our haggis, you’ll know it is much richer and meatier than the more oaty, drier, commercial ones. It is a phenomenal haggis if we do say so ourselves

A haggis is not just for January and the Bard.  Slow cooked, a Fruit Pig Haggis is rich and much meatier than many of the more commercial varieties…..bootiful!

• All Fruit Pig haggis contains gluten (oats and barley).
• Our haggis has a use by of 23 days. It freezes beautifully.
• Haggis Spec Sheet is in our online doc repository as usual.
• Our haggis is available in synthetic cases only.
• Cooking/warming up instructions are on the label.
• If the metal clips are removed, our haggis microwaves beautifully.
• We make and sell haggis all year round.
• For your customers, cooking instructions, allergens, nutritional are all on Fruit Pig’s website.

Cooking: Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees C.  Leave the haggis in its casing but remove any Fruit Pig labelling if possible. Wrap in foil and place in a spacious roasting dish (smaller oven proof dish if just cooking a chubb). Pour in boiling water to 2-3cm deep.  Re-heat until piping hot in the middle (chubbs (see image) take 60 mins, 1.25kg (see image) 90 mins, Chieftain 120 mins). Quickly check water level every 40 mins and refill with boiling water as necessary…if in doubt add some water.


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