roasted beef joint

Beef Rump Joint

Our latest recipe comes is an amazing beef rump roast from our friend Jack from Jacks Meat Shack. This beef rump roast is a perfect roasting joint that can be mastered by anyone. Using only 4 ingredients, our beef roast makes for a great Sunday roast. 


Cooking Method

  1. Remove beef from packaging and pat dry with a paper towel.  
  2. Set BBQ up for two zone cooking and stabilise temp at 200c.  
  3. Season beef liberally with sea salt, don’t forget the edges. 
  4. Sear the beef on all sides on the hottest side of the BBQ. 
  5. Move to the cooler side of the grill and insert the meater.
  6. Add a lump of smoking wood to the charcoal for smoke flavour.
  7. Remove from the heat when the internal temperature reaches 55c.
  8. Allow to rest before slicing.  

The Ingredients

  • Rump Joint 
  • Sea Salt  
  • Rape seed oil 
  • Hickory wood (for smoking) 

What to serve with beef rump joint?

  • Garlic roasted potatoes  
  • Roasted root vegetable 
  • Yorkshire puddings 
  • Rich beef gravy 

Frequently Asked Questions

Beef rump comes from back of the cow near the loin and is an extra lean cut due to it being lower in fat compared to other beef cuts. Due to the leanness of the cut, rump roast can be a tougher when cooked however, the location of the cut allows for a rich flavour. 

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