Meat Boxes

Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or want to stock up on different types of delicious meats to add variety to your meals, our meat boxes are the perfect solution. Each box has handpicked meats to suit a wide range of dishes and preferences. The boxes we offer include a chicken box, lamb kofte box, and a burger box.

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Shop our range of meat boxes and have your meals ready to cook easily and conveniently with all the meats you need.

Handpicked meats to suit your needs

Looking for the perfect chicken box? Or only want burgers for a big table spread? Our meat boxes are carefully crafted with specially chosen meats, put together to ensure each customer receives exactly what they want in a meat box.

All of our meats are fresh, high-quality produce at an affordable price with our meat boxes offering great value for money to families across the country.

If you’re looking to get creative with your cooking, a meat box is the perfect way to access a variety of meats and experiment with flavours.

Fast and efficient meat box delivery

Our meat boxes showcase some of the best produce our family run butchers have to offer. Order yours online today and get reliable next day delivery direct to your door.

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