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Premium Heritage Beef

Working alongside local farmers and abattoirs across the south east we ensure that our premium beef is always from traditional English heritage cattle breeds best suited for our tables.
we only settle for the best and are confident that this is what we always deliver
Extensive economic methods of beef production are now without question key factors to a successful future and it is Hereford Cattle that excel when bred and reared under such conditions producing naturally marbled beef, which is succulent and full of flavour.
Eating grass-fed beef isn’t just some affectation. The meat is healthier, and the perennial pastures on which cows feed build better soil and have lower carbon emissions than conventional cropland.

Some of the Heritage Breeds


The modern attributes of Hereford Cattle, combined with those that have made the breed the cornerstone of the beef producing industry for so many years, make it the natural choice of Quality Beef producers. Hereford Cattle have stood the test of time for well over 200 years and today offer tremendous opportunities to Beef Cattlemen wishing to produce Quality Beef naturally and economically


Great Beef starts with the breeds. The British Isles is blessed with more than its fair share of wonderful native breeds of cattle, but when it comes to the quality of its beef, the Red Ruby Devon is in the champions league.
Red Ruby cattle have been officially recognised as a beef breed since 1851. They are quiet, placid grazers with the perfect metabolism for converting grass into premium quality beef. A great source of natural, healthy protein.
The Red Ruby cattle breed is part of your rural heritage and an important part of this country’s food & farming story.


Aberdeen-Angus has built an iconic brand among discerning consumers looking for premium quality beef.
Aberdeen-Angus cattle are famous for their easy to handle, docile nature. Ease of calving and great maternal attributes minimises much of the stress associated with breeding cattle.
Beef farming has its challenges and we are all seeking an easier life!