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Best meat to cook on Valentine’s Day 2024

Making the decision to cook on valentine’s day can be a great way to create a romantic evening at home. On the other hand, it can also cause a huge amount of stress as the pressure is on you to deliver the food. The best way to put your mind at ease is to keep it simple and source quality ingredients that do most of the talking. Meat has a history of being the centrepiece of romantic meals shared between partners and for good reason. Continue reading for our top picks for the best meat to cook on valentine’s day in 2024.

What goes into a valentine’s day meal?

While you should definitely make your valentine’s day meal your own, there are some tried and tested features that set this meal apart from any other night in. Firstly, you have to set the scene. Candles are usually a great way of setting the tone for the evening and introducing a bit of theatricality. A valentine’s meal that involves sharing or unusual serving techniques will also help make the occasion. Speaking of food, the main consideration on valentine’s should be the centrepiece dish. You want to choose something comforting and rich that shows how much you love the person sitting across from you.

Lastly, a successful valentine’s day dinner is not complete without the right accompaniments. This includes choosing sides and a drink that complement your chosen cut of meat wonderfully. Simply head over to our Butcher’s Deli to browse our range of specially selected wines that pair perfectly with a variety of different meats.

The Village Butcher’s valentine’s day meat choices

When it comes to which meat to cook on valentine’s day, there are a host of different options to go with. Even if you’ve narrowed it down to a type your partner loves, there is still the question of which cut to choose. Below are our picks for the best meats to serve this valentine’s day.

Tomahawk Steak

Nothing quite matches the grandeur of the Tomahawk Steak. Displaying many similarities to a ribeye steak, a tomahawk steak is an utterly unique experience of tenderness and buttery flavours. The thickness of this steak makes it perfect for sharing and it comes with 5-7 inches of exposed bone to make it look extra special. You can carve it at the table to really show off your cooking skills. A classic alternative to this cut is our Côte de Boeuf, which is available in a range of sizes.

Chicken Supreme

Butcher-sourced chicken breast that comes with the wing bone attached. When cooked, the skin that’s left on Chicken Supreme allows the meat to stay moist while also adding a crispy texture that’s simply divine. The bone also imparts a deeper flavour into the meat. Your partner probably won’t have had a piece of chicken like it, making this valentine’s day a memorable one.

Bavette Steak

If you want to evoke the feel of a classic steakhouse, look no further than the bavette steak. As a thin lean steak, you can really show off your BBQ skills by cooking on high heat to achieve a brilliant crust and tender medium rare centre. It’s juicy and rich in flavour, making it an excellent choice to serve at any celebration.

Boston Butt

This might come as a surprise recommendation, as pork boston butt typically serves between 7 and 10 people. However, we couldn’t overlook the sweet flavour that comes from this cut, as well as the flexible cooking it offers. The added bonus is that the leftovers you’ll have from the butt will allow you both to relive this special meal for the rest of the week.

Order valentine’s day meat online

Hopefully all of the above give you some ideas of which meats can work wonders on valentine’s day 2024. At The Village Butchers, we believe everyone should have access to a selection of high quality meat cuts they can cook on valentine’s day without breaking the bank. As we progress through January, keep an eye on our special offers which carve up the price of many beef steak cuts. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about how these valentine’s deals work, or general delivery information ahead of the big day.

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