How to cook rump steak

Cooking Rump Steak

If you’re looking for strong flavour in your steak, the rump cut should definitely be your go-to. As the name implies, it is the cut that comes from the rear of the cow, which is an area that works hard. Even though rump steak may not be as tender as sirloin for example, it makes up for it with deep, mineral flavours, with the added benefit of being much cheaper too.

When it comes to cooking rump steak, a lot of people go for medium or medium-rare rather than completely rare as it can be a bit chewy due to the texture of the meat, but if you prefer your steak chewier then rare is just as delicious. For the best results, choose a large steak from The Village Butcher that you can share, and sear the meat in a pan on high heat before finishing it off in the oven. Some key points to consider are seasoning, what pan you are using, and the resting time.

Use a griddle pan or a heavy-based frying pan, preferably something that is cast iron and will retain heat very well. Add a splash of oil and ensure both the pan and oil are extremely hot before putting in the meat. The oil should almost be at the point of smoking in order to get the best brown crust and provide a nice contrast the succulent pink interior.

Rump steak cooking times

Cook the steak for three minutes on each side then move to a baking tray to finish in a hot oven for around 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, you can finish cooking your steak in the pan, give a thicker piece of meat (5cm) five minutes on each side if you want medium rare. However, you will get a more even result and tender steak if you use the oven.

Resting is the last, most important step in ensuring you cook the perfect rump steak. You should leave your steak to rest for roughly 10 minutes. In this time, you can prepare a quick sauce and get your table ready. For a tasty accompanying sauce, finely chop a shallot and a couple of cloves of garlic and soften them in the pan you used to sear the steak over a medium heat (tip out any excess fat but don’t wipe it off). Add some wine, brandy, or stock to deglaze, some herbs if you prefer, bubble down until it is a syrupy texture then swirl in a knob of butter and/or a hint of cream. When the steak is suitably rested, slice it, and serve with a drizzle of the sauce.

Serving suggestions for rump steak

Chips of course, are a classic pairing to a good steak, and easier than you think to make at home, especially if you have a deep fat fryer. Spinach, wilted or creamed, is another great steakhouse side, or keep things simple with a light and fresh green salad. Finish the meal off with a quick pan sauce or if you want something a bit fancier, a tarragon-flecked bearnaise.

The Village Butcher provides the freshest and highest quality meats, so don’t miss out and grab a delicious rump steak at a competitive price and give yourself a quick and easy midweek meal the whole family can enjoy. Browse our recipes if you’re looking for cooking inspiration too.

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