Is T-bone or tomahawk steak better?

How to judge a steak?

In this post, we’ll be putting two titans of the steak world head-to-head to see which is better. Both T-bone steak and tomahawk steak have developed a reputation as high quality cuts, but can they both back it up? To come to a definitive answer, we first have to look at the qualities we expect to see in a great steak.

It might seem like judging if tomahawk or T-bone steak is better is just a matter of opinion. While personal preferences will have an impact on which steak you think is best, there are a number of factors which should be focused on in making this decision.


The main indication of a good quality steak can be found in its flavour. Any meat sourced from an experienced butcher will be immediately distinguishable from the same cut sourced from the supermarket. This is because of the expertise possessed by the butchers, along with their connection to trusted local farmers.


An unforgettable eating experience is usually due to a combination of flavour and texture. Sometimes, beef steak cuts will trade a little flavour in exchange for better texture. The best example of this is the fillet mignon, which is famed for its buttery smooth texture. Although the humble rump steak can achieve bigger flavour for a fraction of the price. It’s up to you to consider what you value more in a piece of steak.

How to judge a steak?

The event

It seems obvious but cooking a small skirt steak for a big occasion is going to fall completely flat. Instead, you need to pick a steak or steaks that will cater perfectly to the type of event you’re planning. This could also dictate what cooking methods are going to be available, for which certain steaks might not be well suited. For example, at a winter dinner party it will probably be difficult to get access to an open flame. In this scenario it’s best to avoid traditional BBQ beef cuts that see the best results on a barbeque.

Cut quality

The best way to ensure quality in a steak is to buy from a butcher. This is because it will be more to have spent less time removed from the carcass. Plus, butchers like us have taken the time to build relationships with trusted farmers who also care about the quality supplied to their customers. If you really want to be sure you’re getting a high quality steak, ask your butcher what grade of animal it was cut from. In the UK, carcasses are graded based on shape and fat content which can impact the steaks taken from them.

Comparing T-bone and tomahawk steak

Cut area – Tomahawk is a primal rib cut, essentially a large rib eye steak with a long piece of beautiful bone attached. In contrast, T-bone steak is taken from the saddle between the sirloin and tenderloin. Both of these areas are renowned for containing meat with a good balance of fat marbling and tenderness.

Size – Typically, a tomahawk will be the heavier of the two steaks weighing between 1-1.5kg. While some T-bone steaks can weigh in around 1.1kg, most will be between 500g-1kg. This means you’re getting more meat for your money with a tomahawk steak, and it’s better suited to larger gatherings.

Eating experience – The flavours and textures of a perfectly cooked tomahawk steak cannot be rivalled. It’s that good. Plus, you get to feel like a caveman carving meat with that big bone handle. On the other hand, T-bone steak offers more of a range when it comes to its eating experience. This is because the steak contains two different cuts – a sirloin and a fillet.

Cooking methods – Tomahawk steaks are almost exclusively grilled due to their size and thickness. This allows a deep crust to develop alongside even internal cooking. While T-bone steaks can also see great results from grilling, cooking methods such as pan searing and broiling can also work well.

Price – Tomahawk steak is usually the more expensive of the two cuts, although there can be variations in price depending on the size of the steak. Of course, both these cuts are at the higher end when it comes to price with the likes of sirloin, rump, and bavette steak all being cheaper options.

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When it comes to steak cuts on this calibre, you need to make sure you’re buying from the right place. At The Village Butchers, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience speciality cuts like T-bone, Tomahawk, and many more, including cooking these steaks in the comfort of your own home. Get in touch and arrange quick delivery to leave a lasting impression at your next cooking event.

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