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Top meats to choose for Easter dinner 2024

What is the most traditional meat for easter?

Easter is a widely celebrated holiday in the UK as it is one of the most important holidays in the Christian calendar. It’s a great opportunity to get the whole family together and enjoy a special dinner, but what is the best meat to be the main feature of your easter meal? In this article we’ll be exploring the most popular meats for an easter dinner, to give you plenty of inspiration to create mouth-watering dishes that will leave everyone wanting more.

Every holiday is typically synonymous with a particular meat and when it comes to easter, lamb is often the go-to choice for many households due to its religious significance. Lamb and easter also go hand in hand as many lambs being born during springtime. However, you don’t have to have lamb at easter, the same as you don’t have to have turkey at Christmas, it all comes down to personal preference and there are several delicious meats that make for an amazing centrepiece to an easter dinner.

The best meats for an easter dinner

Lamb joint

To start off the list we have to talk about lamb, as it remains one of the most popular meats for this particular celebration. There are several cut and cooking options when it comes to lamb, but usually at easter you can’t beat a delicious roast lamb joint. Depending on how many people you will be serving you may want to choose a full or half joint. A lamb joint benefits most from a long and slow roast to completely absorb the juices and ensure the meat is tender.

If you’re sure that lamb is the meat for your easter meal but don’t want t a joint, a rack of lamb can be another tasty option. As well as being more budget friendly it doesn’t compromise on quality or flavour, and it has the benefit of looking visually impressive when served at the centre of a table.


Chicken is almost always a crowd pleaser, if you have children or pickier eaters in your family that aren’t keen on lamb, chicken is always a great alternative. An easter chicken will also have the visual appeal as a whole chicken looks like a good way to present a hearty dinner with the family. Equally there is plenty of variety with chicken depending on how many people you’re cooking for, your budget, and your preferences. You might only want to get a smaller whole chicken or even opt for different cuts that better suit your preferences. With the right flavour combinations, you can elevate chicken to more than just an everyday meat, it can become the must-have of your easter meal.

Gammon joint

A beautifully glazed ham is a fairly well-known meat for easter dinners as it has a wide appeal for many eaters. It can be glazed with honey, mustard, or syrup to strike a unique balance between sweet and salty and take advantage of some delicious easter flavour pairings. It’s easy to prepare and serve which is beneficial if you don’t want to spend too much time cooking in the kitchen. Not only that but if you have any meat leftover from your easter dinner you can use it to make sandwiches for the next few days.

Pork loin or Beef tenderloin

Pork loin

Pork loin is a juicy and flavourful meat that works really well for a springtime easter meal. Whether you prefer to roast or grill it, pork loin is a tasty meat and can be served with a wide range of perfect easter sides including root vegetables and apple sauce. You can even stuff it with herbs, cheese, or bacon to give the pork some extra flavour.

Beef tenderloin

Beef tenderloin is not an everyday meat and is best used for special occasions like Easter Sunday. It’s not just a normal Sunday roast when you have beef tenderloin, it can be roasted or grilled beautifully depending on your preference. Add some roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, and a Yorkshire pudding and you’ve got the perfect dinner to celebrate easter. A standard tenderloin will easily serve around four people, so make sure you have enough to feed your group.


Whether you enjoy a traditional cut of lamb or prefer a different but equally delicious type of meat, there are plenty of options to make the perfect easter dinner for you and your family this year. The Village Butcher provides fresh, high-quality meats at affordable prices. Order your easter meat online and get fast and efficient delivery direct to your door.

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