What is the most common meat to BBQ?

What is the most common meat to BBQ?

Whether you want to go against the grain or get an insight into how to cook certain cuts, it’s always useful to check the current BBQ trends. Of course, the main consideration when planning to host a summer BBQ is what meats and accompaniments to serve. Here we discuss the most common BBQ meats in the UK to give you an idea of where to start.

Over time, certain meats have become established classics for grilling on the BBQ. While this doesn’t mean they will all appeal to your personal tastes, one of the reasons they continue to be popular is because they are well suited to direct heat cooking. There should be enough variety in this list that you can choose the type of meat that’ll best please your guests.

Popular BBQ meats and cooking methods

Pork Boston Butt

Boston Butt, also known as pork shoulder, is a large meat cut for grilling which has been popular due to its low and slow cooking. This meat is ideal for making pulled pork, which is a flexible dish that can be served as a centrepiece or in sandwiches. It also requires very little attention during cooking, leaving you free to see to hosting duties.

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Burgers and steak burgers are almost exclusive to the BBQ setting. Setting up stations for guests to assemble their own burgers brings a great element of fun to the occasion. It also allows people to make a burger that appeals to their tastes and leaves everyone happy.

Beef brisket

For the more serious griller, sourcing a quality beef brisket is an easy way to feed a crowd. Each kilogram serves roughly 3 to 4 people, so it’s simple to ask your butcher for the size you need. Similar to pork butt, cooking a brisket can be done throughout the day to give you the freedom to chat and do other tasks. Finally getting to cut and serve this cut can be effective for bringing a sense of gravitas to the BBQ.

Steak cuts

There are a huge variety of steak cuts, all of which can be delicious when cooked on a BBQ grill. Although the most popular steaks for BBQ cooking tend to be those with good fat marbling that can caramelise on the open flame. This includes the likes of Tomahawk Steak, Bavette steak, and Picanha.

Pork ribs

Just like hamburgers, ribs are another quintessential BBQ classic. When cooked well the meat simply falls off the bone, imparting sweet and smoky flavours. BBQ rubs and seasonings can be used to great effect on beef and pork ribs.

Chicken wings

There isn’t much better finger-food than the humble chicken wing. When charred to perfection and served with a range of sauces, big chicken wings are a surefire hit at any summer BBQ. The bones are also great leftovers for stock.

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