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What’s the most popular type of steak?

What makes a steak good?

Whether you’re new to the world of steak or you’re comfortable cooking beef steak cuts, choosing which one to have on any particular day can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the most popular types of steak based off our sales.

This is a tricky question to answer, as everyone has their own preferences when it comes to flavour and how they like their steak cooked. However, there are certain characteristics of a great steak which are universal. For instance, no one wants a tough or dry steak. Instead, in a great steak you should look for a decent amount of fat to keep it moist, with the right thickness for the cooking method you want to use.

Popular steaks in the UK

Rib-eye steak

This steak cut has been a staple of steakhouses for years and with good reason – it has great flavour and texture. Home cooks can easily recreate restaurant quality with just a hot pan and the right timings. These steaks can also come in a range of sizes, meaning they are perfect for any occasion regardless of how many people need to be fed.

Tomahawk steak

In recent years, there has been one cut that has risen to the top in terms of its quality status and that’s the tomahawk steak. It is a thing of majesty, as a thick marbled steak with a large section of bone attached. There isn’t much that can compare to the showstopper factor of a beautifully cooked tomahawk steak. Aged and trimmed by an expert butcher, our tomahawk steaks are often discounted so you can experience this cut at home with friends and family.

Sirloin steak

Another classic steak cut alongside the ribeye, sirloin steaks are perfect for date nights or treating yourself in the week. It has a lovely balance of lean meat from the loin with just enough surrounding fat. They pair brilliantly with flavoured butter once they’ve been seared in a pan. Plus the cooking preparation couldn’t be simpler, which is why this cut is often the first steak people try when they’re looking to take their steak cookery to the next level.

Popular steaks in the UK

T-bone steak

A T-bone is often the steak of choice for those looking for a large steak cut that can cater to multiple people and tastes. T-bone steak achieves this by including both a fillet and a sirloin that are separated by a bone. The bone imparts flavours to these cuts slightly different when compared to the fillet and sirloin standing alone. The former offers an extremely soft texture, while the latter packs a more satisfying flavour punch.

Bavette steak

The unlikely inclusion on this list is the humble bavette steak, also known as skirt steak. Don’t be fooled though, the loosen texture of the meat in this cut lets it retain juices and flavour when cooking. Bavette steak works great in stir fries or simply grilled on an open flame. This cut is taken from the abdominal muscles, typically making it a tougher cut unless cooked well. Any experienced butcher will able to provide some advice on how to get the best results from bavette steak.

Online butchers for steak cuts

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