Why buy from an online butcher?

Whether you’re used to buying your meat from a supermarket in your weekly shop or a physical butchers. You’ll find that there are actually many benefits to switching your shopping habits to online for keeping your meat supply up to date. In this guide, we’ll be exploring the key reasons why you should buy meat online to help you ensure you’re getting the quality meat you want at the best possible price.

High quality products 

There are typically no middlemen in the meat business, which means the freshness of the meat can be maintained directly from the butchers to the customers. In addition, the meat is likely to be better quality when you order online compared to getting it from a supermarket or even your local butchers. This is because the meat being sold in your local butchers will come from the stock that the butcher has access to within that area. For example, people that live in small towns might find it more difficult to find authentic, fresh grass-fed beef. However, the ability to order online means that anyone can access high quality meat from anywhere in the UK.  


If you’ve got a big event coming up like a family BBQ or Christmas dinner, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all the meat products you need quickly. To help you be as prepared as you can be to feed your guests. With that in mind, having to make time to go to your local butchers can be a pain and take up time that would be better spent in other ways.  

When you order from an online butchers though, you don’t even have to leave your home. No matter how big or small your order is you can get it delivered directly to your door within a day or two at the click of a button. There’s nothing simpler or more convenient than being able to order high quality butcher meat, whilst you’re relaxing at home. Rather than rushing round butchers and supermarkets that might have run out of the products you need by the time you get there – delaying your shopping experience even further. Especially in the case of supermarkets where the selection of meat is much more limited than an online butcher.  

The ease and convenience of ordering online is particularly important for anyone who works during business hours. It can be frustrating for shoppers to try and plan when they’ll be able to buy their meat around their working schedule and the opening hours of a butchers.  

Better value for money

It might not seem like it, if you’re used to getting your meat in person from a supermarket or butchers, but buying meat online often ensures better prices and value for money. This is because online butchers have a smaller supply chain than supermarkets, due to essentially cutting out the middleman and delivering directly to customers. Also, they don’t have as many overhead costs as physical butchers’ shops, which means they can price their products more competitively. Customers can get the same if not better quality meat than they would buy from their local butchers at a better price. And ordering online is easier than going to a physical shop. What’s not to like?

More transparency

It’s easy for online butchers to be more transparent about where their meat products have come from and offer assurance to customers, unlike supermarkets for example. This is because online butchers will often work with small local farms, which means they know that the meat they are selling has been sustainably and ethically sourced. In recent years, there have been several well-known cases of food fraud in big chain supermarkets, leading to questions and an increased market desire for authenticity and traceability of meat.  

If you care about where your meat has come from, and the practices involved in sourcing it. Then using a reliable online butchers will help to ensure that you always get meat that has been produced in the right way. With the necessary equipment and assurance that the animals have been grass-fed and lead healthy and happy lives.  

Fast and efficient delivery

Another reason why you should consider buying your meat online is quick and reliable delivery. Not only will this save you time as you won’t have to go to the supermarket or butchers in person. But also, it’ll make it a lot easier for you to plan meals ahead of time. When buying meat online you’ll have different delivery options and time frames.  

This means you’ll be able to have the meat delivered on the exact day and time that suits you and your plans. For example, if you buy your meat for Christmas around the same date every year, why battle through holiday crowds at the shops when you can order the meat you need in advance and get it delivered to you exactly when you want it? Also, the meat will arrive at your door in temperature-controlled packaging. So, whether you want to store it in the fridge or freezer ready for use, the quality of the meat will be retained.  

Plenty of availability

As we touched on earlier, supermarkets will only have a limited selection of meat products. This means if you want a specific type of meat product or you’re buying in bulk, you will likely struggle to get exactly what you want from a supermarket or a butchers, as they will also only have a specific amount of stock in at any given time. Whereas, when you order online, there is a very wide range of products available to you in greater quantities. As a result, you can get as much of the meat you want, no matter how specialised it is, without the risk of there not being enough to meet your needs.  

Why should you buy from The Village Butchers? 

The Village Butchers is a passionate, family-run business that strive to provide customers with the best quality meat at affordable prices. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand to bring a genuine butcher shop experience to you online.  

All the meat products we offer are sustainably sourced and delivered directly to your door with care to maximise quality and freshness. Our insulated chilled containers will keep your meat fridge cold for up to an impressive 60 hours! We hand select products to always be transparent about where our meat comes from and make sure our customers are always satisfied. So, if you’re looking for the best online butchers UK, explore our product range at The Village Butchers today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  

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