Why buy from an online butchers?

The notion of an online butchers may seem a bit strange at first. After all, when we visit a butcher in person, we usually expect to chat to them and inspect different cuts of meat in person. However, nowadays there are many options for buying meat from a butchers through online means. In this post, we’ll go over all the reasons why it’s beneficial to buy from an online butchers.

How does an online butchers work?

In short, an online butcher functions in much the same way as a butcher in a physical shop. Both work with local farmers to source high quality produce that they then prepare to be available for purchase. This will include the butchery of the animal itself, as well as other processes such as curing and ageing.

An online butchers is run by people with expert knowledge of the meat industry, from rearing to preparing to carving and packaging. When an order is made, the online butchers will prepare and package the chosen meat for delivery. A chilled container is often used to keep the meat fresh during transit, with many online butchers opting to freeze meat prior to transportation for extra safety. Each will have slightly different terms and conditions when it comes to shipping.

The benefits of buying from an online butcher

There can many advantages to using an online butcher when ordering meat and other associated products, such as:


Shopping for meat online can be done from anywhere, without the need to put aside time for travelling. Further time savings are made as you can clearly see all the different products that are available to buy, so there’s less time spent searching for what you want. To help with this, an online butchers saves various information about your preferences, such as order history.

This convenience is especially useful for people who need to plan meals ahead and are too busy to physically shop. Home delivery allows for weekly meals and meals for special occasions to be planned more easily.

Availability of produce

Online butchers typically have the capacity to store a wider range of produce as they aren’t limited by the floor space of their shop. This also means they have the ability to stock a range of products that are intended to be used alongside meat products, such as rubs, sauces, and BBQ equipment.

Quality cuts

Many in-person butchers won’t stock high end cuts such as Tomahawk Steak or Venison Joints because they only have access to so much shop space and serve a smaller local clientele. As such, there is a greater risk that these cuts won’t be purchased during the time they are available fresh. In contrast, meat from an online butchers is always the freshest possible, with many quality checks being completed on the . Higher quality cuts lead to a better taste experience with potential health benefits as well.

Special offers

When shopping around different online butchers, you’ll likely see a range of discounts and offers on a variety of meat cuts. By using the internet, it’s far easier to compare online butchers to one another as well as supermarkets. This allows users to source quality cuts when buying meat online without breaking the bank.

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