How to cook Cote de Boeuf

We’re starting off 2023 with a bang and bringing you this insanely flavoursome Côte de Boeuf recipe from our good friend Jack from Jacks Meat Shack.  For the month of January you can take full advantage of our January sales and grab yourself a bargain so you can recreate this recipe at home.  


Cooking Method

  1. Set up BBQ for indirect cooking and stabilise the temperature between 130 – 150C. 
  2. Remove Steak from packaging and pat dry with a paper towel (moisture is the enemy of a perfect crust!). 
  3. Season liberally with flaky salt. 
  4.  Insert Meater into the thickest part of the steak (optional). 
  5. Place steak into the barbecue and allow it to come up to temperature slowly. 
  6. Once steak is 5 degrees away from your desired temperature, remove from the barbecue. 
  7. Remove the meater.  
  8. Raise the temperature of the barbecue to 300C (whilst barbecuing is rising in temperature rest the steak at room temperature). 
  9. Sear the steak over the direct heat for 1-2 minutes per side until a nice crust has formed. 
  10. Slice and enjoy! 

The Ingredients

What to serve with Côte de Boeuf?

Côte de Boeuf is a steak that doesn’t need too much to compliment the rich flavours. We recommend pairing with parmentier potatoes and a good glass of fine red wine.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Côte de Boeuf comes from the fore rib of beef. The main backbone is removed, and the rib bones are attached. Côte de Boeuf is full of flavour and extremely juicy. 

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