Is Cote de Boeuf the same as a Tomahawk?

When it comes to larger beef cuts, tomahawk steak and cote de boeuf are securely positioned among meat royalty. Both are highly fat marbled, thick cut, bone in cuts with tremendous flavour and spectacular presentation. As a result, many people look to cook tomahawk and cote de boeuf for special occasions. 

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at both cuts of beef to uncover any differences and help you decide which is best for you. 

What is Cote de Boeuf?

The name ‘Cote de boeuf’ is French for ‘rib of beef’. This is an accurate description, as cote de boeuf is cut from the rib primal and features an exposed section of bone (usually a few inches). The meat is the same as that of a ribeye steak, with plenty of far marbling. When cooked, cote de boeuf can take on a strong brown crust while remaining juicy inside. 

Most cote de boeuf is cut at a whopping 2-3 inches in thickness. Due to this, as well as the bone being attached, cote de boeuf often takes slightly longer to cook than other traditional steaks. To get the best results, both these cuts require care and attention when cooking as a result. 

What is Tomahawk steak? 

Tomahawk shares many similarities with cote de boeuf. It is also a ribeye steak with a section of French trimmed bone attached. This means tomahawk steak is characterised by similar fat marbling and a deep beefy flavour. In fact, it’s widely considered that cote de boeuf and tomahawk steak are simply the French and English terms for the same cut of meat respectively. In America, it’s called a prime rib. 

However, cote de boeuf and tomahawk steak differ due to how they’re removed from the carcass and how they’re prepared. The most immediately noticeable difference is the bone. In tomahawk steaks this is far longer, sometimes reaching more than a foot in length. This is where the name comes from, as it leaves the steak resembling a throwing axe. 

Furthermore, tomahawk steaks tend to contain more meat. Although both cuts can come in various sizes. For instance, our 14-28 day aged tomahawk steak ranges from anywhere between 1kg-1.5kg. In comparison, our classic bone in cote de boeuf is available in sizes from 450g to 1050g. Options go up in increments of 100g. 

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