Is tomahawk steak worth the hype?

What are the features of tomahawk steak?

If you care about meat cookery or BBQ and you’ve been on social media, the chances are you’ve seen a video of someone cooking a giant tomahawk steak. This is usually done on an outdoor grill or high heat oven grill for maximum flair. But is this all for show? Without experiencing this cut for ourselves, we can’t know for sure how the eating experience stacks up. In this blog, we’re delving deep into the pros and cons of tomahawk steaks to see if they’ve earned their reputation.

A tomahawk steak is essentially a thick cut ribeye steak with a long section of bone left attached. The latter is French trimmed for presentation and clean cooking. This steak contains a generous amount of fat marbling that’s distributed throughout the meat. It’s just one reason why tomahawk steak stays so juicy and rich during cooking.

Tomahawk steaks are large cuts, typically between 1-1.5kg, which are perfect for sharing between multiple people. The one’s stocked by The Village Butchers are aged for 2-4 weeks to further enhance the incredible flavours that live within the meat. Its ‘tomahawk’ name comes from the appearance of the steak with the large, exposed bone attached. Incidentally, this makes the steak easy to manipulate while it’s on the grill.

For more information on this cut, including how to cook a tomahawk steak, head over our other blog ‘What is Tomahawk Steak?’.

Can you measure steak quality?

Yes, in fact official grades have been created to do just this. The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board follow what’s known as the E-U-R-O-P classification. This is used to group carcasses based on age, fat content, shape, and rearing conditions. Any beef cuts taken from this carcass are then given the same classification.

Each country has their own system for classifying meat quality. For instance, in the US you’d see the highest grade of beef as ‘prime’, with ‘choice’, and ‘select’ being the next highest quality classifications. In Canada, while they also have ‘prime’ as the top quality, the other grades are (in descending order) AAA, AA, and A. Higher quality meat grades usually come hand-in-hand with higher prices.

How does tomahawk steak compare to other beef cuts?

There’s no denying that there’s little that can compare to the appearance of a tomahawk steak. Furthermore, the cooking and carving experience is unlike anything the average person is likely to have had before. That aside, let’s have a look at some of the other factors that can be used to compare different types of steak.

T Bone Steak

This steak is a large cut of beef offering a variety of taste and texture experiences. Its distinctive T-shaped bone separates a larger strip steak from the smaller fillet mignon. A large dry aged T-bone steak has the pedigree to rival a tomahawk both in size and price, however it differs when it comes to the eating experience. As mentioned, the T-bone features both a sirloin and a fillet for varied flavours. Although a perfect medium tomahawk will bring bolder flavours to the table.

Côte de Boeuf

Cut from the rib primal, a côte de boeuf features meat that would be used for a ribeye steak with a piece of bone attached. If this sounds similar to the description of the tomahawk steak, then you would be right. For a full in-depth analysis of how tomahawk steak compares to côte de boeuf, we’ve answered the frequently asked question ‘Is Côte de Boeuf the same as a Tomahawk?’.

Rump Steak

A rump steak is often a more budget option for those looking for beef steak to cook for multiple people. While it has a firmer texture, this steak does not compromise on taste. Rump steak can serve as a great jumping off point for anyone who’s trying to get more experience cooking steak, where a tomahawk is going to be more intimidating. Our affordable pack of aged rump steak is a classic that comes in at a full 1kg.

Buy tomahawk steak online

The main concern people have with tomahawk is the price and whether it’s warranted by the experience that comes with it. If you want to go all-out at a BBQ or make a special occasion that bit more memorable, you truly can’t get better than a tomahawk steak. It’s a unique cut that produces an eating experience punctuated by buttery soft textures and exceptional flavours. This is also enhanced by the fact that most tomahawk steaks feature the highest quality meat.

That being said, there are plenty of other options for cooking a great steak if you can’t bring yourself to pay the price of a tomahawk steak. We’ve already mentioned rump steak but there’s also sirloin steak and bavette steak, which are typically sold at a lower price. Equally, you can browse cuts from different animals for more variety. A great example is our pork loin steaks which are succulent and affordable.

When buying premium cuts of meat online, you want assurance of quality and that it will arrive at your door in great condition. The Village Butchers only sources from vetted and quality approved farmers around the UK. Plus, we often run big discounts on selected cuts of meat, including premium varieties such as tomahawk steaks, whole turkeys, beef ribs, and more. Keep an eye on our special offers page for the latest deals from our online butcher’s store.

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