cooked cote de boeuf slice with sides

Valentine’s Day Côte de Boeuf

With valentine’s day creeping in, we’ve got a special recipe for you to recreate at home with your loved one from our friend Jack from Jacks Meat Shack. Our Valentine’s day Côte de Boeuf is the perfect choice for a quiet night in with your partner and pairs well with our whisky pepper sauce and a good bottle of wine. Enjoy lovers! 

*Only lump wood Charcoal is suitable for this style of cook; it would not work with briquettes. 


Cooking Method

  1. Set up the BBQ for indirect cooking.  
  2. Stabilise the BBQ at 130c.  
  3. Remove steak from packaging and pat dry with a paper towel.  
  4. Seasons liberally with salt  
  5. Add a lump of smoking wood for extra smoky flavour.
  6. Smoke the steak until it reaches your desired internal cooking temperature.
  7. Remove steak from the BBQ and allow to rest.
  8. Rake your charcoal to remove any ash that has settled, get the charcoal nice and hot before laying your steak directly onto it. 
  9. Cook for 1 minutes per side, then remove from BBQ. 
  10. Slice and enjoy. 

The Ingredients

What to serve with Côte de Boeuf?

To make the day extra special we’re pairing our steak with a whisky pepper sauce. Here’s how you can make it: 


  • Olive oil  
  • 100ml double cream    
  • 1 tbsp peppercorns    
  • 1 red onion    
  • 60ml whisky  
  • 200ml chicken stock  


  • Add peppercorns to dry pan and heat until they become fragrant, remove and crush them in a pestle. 
  • Fine dice a red onion and cook until soft in a little oil.  
  • Add crushed peppercorns to the pan.  
  • Add the chicken stock and then the whisky.  
  • Slowly add the doubles cream.  
  • Stir the sauce and reduce until it becomes thick and coats a spoon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Côte de Boeuf comes from the fore rib of beef. The main backbone is removed, and the rib bones are attached. Côte de Boeuf is full of flavour and extremely juicy. 

You can buy Côte de Boeuf directly from us online! Shop our full collection of steaks online including tomahawk steak, T-bone steak, sirloin steak and more.  

Yes! When it comes to steak, more fat means higher potential for more flavour. Côte de boeuf is wonderfully fatty, meaning it’s juicy and sports an intense flavour. It shares many similarities with ribeye steak, including that it comes from the rib primal. The main difference is that côte de boeuf has the bone in. This alters the steak flavour profile slightly and creates an iconic centrepiece look. 

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