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boerewors breakfast hash

Boerewors Breakfast Hash

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it doesn’t just have to be about toast or cereal. Lee from Smoke and Sear has put together a mouth-watering breakfast recipe featuring South African sausage called boerewors. See how Lee brings this flavourful boerewors breakfast hash to life below.

Burger Bowls

Burger bowls aren’t just a way to cut down on carbs while getting your protein. It’s a delicious dish that’s perfect for sharing at events or summer family dinners. Think of a burger bowl like healthier nachos. You get all the elements of a great burger in one meal.   

Piri Piri Lamb Chops

The perfect way to kick off the warmer season is with this zesty recipe for Piri Piri Lamb Chops brought to you by the one and only Jack from Jacks Meat Shack. These chops are bursting with flavour and are sure to leave you wanting more. Let’s see how he prepares them…   

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