30 - 60 Minutes

korma butter chicken dish

Korma Butter Chicken

If you love a cuisine fusion as much as we do, you’ll enjoy this korma-butter chicken recipe that merges aromatic Indian flavours with the smoky element of a good old British BBQ. Lee from Smoke and Sear has knocked it out of the park with this amazing dish. See exactly how he does it below.  

flanken korean bbq ribs

Flanken Korean BBQ Ribs

Korean BBQ is a popular cuisine known for its amazing flavours and unique twists on typical BBQ styles, and these flanken ribs are no exception. Lee from Smoke and Sear has created a delicious recipe for flanken Korean BBQ ribs that you won’t want to miss. See how he does it below.  

Monterey and roasted red pepper spirals

Indulge in the delightful fusion of succulent Bavette steak and creamy Monterey Jack, masterfully rolled into exquisite pinwheels and complemented with a zesty roasted red pepper sauce. Perfectly cooked on the Kamado Joe – Classic 3, this dish promises a gastronomic experience that’s bound to impress.  

Picanha Steak Pao de Queijo

If you’re looking to shake up your meals with new cultural cuisines and exciting flavours, you’re in for a treat. Lee from Smoke and Sear has created an amazing Brazilian-inspired platter featuring a classic picanha steak. It’s a great dish the whole family can pick at and enjoy. See how to make it yourself below…  

Pork Belly Ramen

If you’re looking for a quick midweek meal that’s easy to prepare and full of flavour, ramen ticks all those boxes. But this recipe isn’t just your average ramen. Jack from Jacks Meat Shack has put together a mouth-watering pork belly ramen. See how he does it below.   

Barnsley Chops

When you a fancy a change from the normal chicken or beef, a nice lamb recipe can make for a delicious and underrated meal. But how should you prepare the lamb? Jack from Jacks Meat shack is on hand with a flavour-packed recipe for beautiful Barnsley chops. See how he does it below…   

Beef Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings

We’ve partnered with our good friend Jack from Jacks Meat Shack to give you a selection of the tastiest recipes you can recreate at home with the best selection of our meat range. Following on from our Beef Sirloin Recipe, we’re using our beef leftovers to create these amazing beef stuffed Yorkshire puddings.  

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